On November 5, 2011, Dodie uploaded her fifth overall video and her second original song. As of now, the video has clocked in at almost 200,000 views. She performs this song with her younger sister Hedy. 


From what the lyrics and general key and mood change in the song can tell, this song tells the story about a girl, (Dodie) writing a song. Writing a song can be kind of tough, and that's what this song can tell. She talks about how at first it can go smoothly, but then it can be a bit hard to come up with something. But, when you perservere, and think hard, you may have... well... A Song About A Song. ;)

Lyrics Edit

I'm a musical girl, and I like to play But sometimes things don't quite go my way And I'm not quite sure what to say (I could give you some advice!)

I'm all ready to sing, got the chord sequence down I'm humming the tune, and I'm liking the sound (Me too!) But on my paper there's no words to be found (Look, there's a word there and a word there and a word there!)

It would sound so neat, with something sorrowful (I'm already crying!) Or perhaps some words about how much I love you (Ooh, thank you very much!) But instead you're stuck, with a song about a song (well kind of)

I couldn't think of anything else to say I promise I'll write a better one another day (Yay) And have you noticed that I've changed the key (No, have you?) The first bit was an A major actually (Oh yeah!) But I couldn't figure out, how to get back Right now I think its in E flat  (Is it?) In fact

This song sounds completely different, to the start (Well at least it goes) I need to end it now, but I don't know how (Awh, that's fine!) So this will do? (yep) Ok :D

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A song about a song - Original song

A song about a song - Original song