Childhood and Early Years

April 11, 1995 in Essex, UK, a young Dorothy Miranda Clark was born. She was a very good student in school and had a great life with her parents and little sister Hedy.

Early Adult YearsEdit

After finishing school, Dodie shared a home with fellow Youtube content creater Jamie Jo or BananaJamana. Then in 2015, Dodie moved into another flat with her buddy and fellow Youtuber Evan Edinger in London. Then the year after, she moved once again to another flat with friend and fellow Youtuber Hazel Hayes. 


On February 7, 2011,  Dodie created her first Youtube channel, entitled doddleoddle. Then two months later, Dodie uploaded her first original song entitled Rain, which now is rocking almost 300,000 views. On her main channel, Dodie has over one million subscribers, and over 127,872,206 total views. 

Original SongsEdit

Dodie is known for her very popular original songs that she could play either with the ukelele, piano, or even recorder, and also with her beautiful voice. One of her mosst popular original songs being An Awkward Duet with fellow popular youtuber Jon Cozart/Paint. Not only is it her most popular original song, but it is her most popular video on her entire channel clocking in at over eight million views.


Dodie Clark not only does original songs, but also creates covers usually on the ukelele. One of her most popular covers was the La La Land hit City of Stars cover with Jon Cozart with over three million views. Most of her covers are also collabs except for a few like Death Of A Bachleor, and I want candy where she played the recorder and ukelele while showing clips of her dancing in a hotel in Japan. In this video she was also sponsered by the UK lollipop brand Chupa Chups Sugar Free. 


One year after the creation of Doddleoddle, Dodie created a second channel entitled Doddlevloggle which now has almost 600,000 subscribers and over 69 million total views. On the channel she posts vlogs and sometimes other original or cover songs. 

Gallery Edit