On February 5, 2012, Dodie released another original song entitled "The ill ukelele song". Though the song itself is really short lasting only about 46 seconds, the video still received over 100,000 views, and very good reviews in general for it being witty, quick, and a cute song in general.


In this song, Dodie gives out a list of possible things to do when your sick. such as sipping hot tea, watching rubbish TV, attempting to write a witty song, and even getting some homework done! (Nah just kidding)


Are you feeling ill? Whether you're by the loo Or saying achoo Here's a list of stuff to do For when you're feeling pretty poo.

You can paint the clouds, Sing in rounds Sip hot green tea Listen to beachy sounds You can paint your nails Learn the guitar Go for a jog (but you probably won't go far)

You can bake some cakes For your hardworking mum But make sure you clean up  When you're done Snuggle in your PJs Just have a "me" day Get some of that homework done!... No, I'm kidding Watch rubbish TV All day long Attempt to write a witty song With a cheap ukulele That's out of tune Spend your whole day Watching YouTube!

I hope you enjoy My list of things to do And if you're ill, Get well soon!


The ill ukulele song - Original Song

The ill ukulele song - Original Song